Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7th, 2010 - Recovery Continues


Rebecca was Lily's nurse last night. A new nurse, but from meeting her, she seemed very nice. We called her twice during the night and as soon as we woke up this morning. Lily had a good night. She desatted (lost oxygen) once, but recovered nicely. What seems to happen is she pools her secretions in her throat and it interferes a little bit with her breathing. Add a little bit of pain to that, and her Oxygen levels drop. the good news is that she is able to recover on her own.

It was an exciting morning getting ready to get to the hospital because Tracy was feeling a little better and decided she is ready to spend her first full day at the hospital. Sweet.


Papa C. came to visit Lily first thing in the morning. Tracy's face almost literally swelled to the size of a small cantalope overnight, so we made a dr. appointment for her. Luckily, the dr. said it was just stress and nerves and gave her a steroid shot. The swelling went down within a half hour.

Lily was asleep when we arrived. She's still on fentonol for the pain, so it wears her out. Her daytime nurse (Betsy) said that it's best for her to rest, so try not to talk to her or touch her because "you don't want to wake her up..." Well asking me not to talk to Lily or to touch her is like asking me not to eat my ice cream cone after it falls on the floor! I may know better, but the urge is irresistable!!

Needless to say, we both talked to and touched Lily.


Ok. So recovery IS boring. Until Lily woke up. How nice that the nurses give the family "Touch Time" even though she is less than 48 hours out of surgery. Even though it may be a few more days until we can actually hold Lily, the nurse let Tracy change Lily's diaper. Then she propped Lily up and let us hold her under her shoulder and neck, just a couple inches off her bed. Her eyes were open and she was checking us out. What a champ!

Evening (Mommy)

Lily is amazing! Looking into her big beautiful eyes is wonderful! She was so calm and looking around. Her nurse Betsey says that Lily is "busy" or nosey. Well, she is just like her Mommy, I am busy too!! Lily is also a very alert baby. She follows voices. I asked can a baby only a few days old actually be that alert and Betsey said of course she can. I love when Lily looks into my eyes. Lily became very fussy and started to actually cry. From this moment I had only heard her wimper. This was an actualy cry. Poor baby! I didnt want her to cry, but she still needs to excersise her lungs too, but she had tears, I felt horrible. I just put my hands on her head held her hands, told her "Mommy is here, and its ok" after a few moments she calmed down. I felt on top of the world. Lily had gone 12 hours with no pain medicine. This cry seemed to be a cry that she needed her meds. 12 hours is a super long time. I tried to picture how I would have felt for that long. I would of have asked for pain meds every four hours. So my baby is a trooper. Once Lily was finally calmed she went right to sleep. I had my moment, I really hate leaving her there and going home, but I know that she is in the best place and getting the best care. Lily's night nurse is Rebecca. Scott and I love her. She is so good with Lily. She is very nice and really likes Lily. So I can sleep at night knowing Lily has Rebecca. Plus Rebecca said that at any time during the night we want to know how Lily is doing to just call. So Scott or I call before bed and once in the night. This makes me feel better.


  1. Hi Tracy & Scott. You have such a beautiful addition to your family. We love & miss you very much and our prayers & love are with you. Please give Grace a big hug & kiss and we hope to see you all very soon.

    By the way thanks for sending us what we are expecting in Orlando overnight........snow.

    Uncle Mike & Aunt Claudia

  2. Hi guys,luv Lilys new pic!Luv the ice cream comparasion,Grace & Lily are lucky to have a daddy like you!luv you................Angie

  3. i love the new pic what a perfect little angel
    i love and miss you all
    love hugs and kisses to grace and lily

    aunt teri