Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 15th, 2010


We arrived at 8:30am hoping to get to speak to Dr. Caty first thing in the morning, before his busy day began. Lily's nurse was Kelly again. We really like her too. All Lily's nurses have been GREAT!!! We have been very lucky. The doctors came in for rounds and told us that Dr. Caty would still be up to talk to us, his schedule was busy but he would definitely be up today to discuss the plan for Lily. They also advised that her white blood cell count was decreased and that the reason it could have elevated was the stress of the study. The blood cultures they drew the day before are not growing anything so that is a definite good sign. Dr Satyan (neonatologist) drew us a picture to explain white and red blood cells.


Papa and Gramma M came to visit Lily. Lily was fussy. Daddy was rubbing Lily's back why Kelly (Lily's nurse) was holding her binky in her mouth. It took Lily about 20 mins. to calm and settle down. Papa C and Aunt Angie also came to visit Lily and brought Mommy lunch. Thanks for the delicious wrap Ang!!


Scott left at 12:30pm. He picked Gracie up from school early and they went on a Dad/Daughter date. They went to Mighty Taco for lunch and to see Avatar in 3D at the Imax. It was a much needed date for both Scott and Gracie. We have not seen Gracie since 1/1/10. We have never gone this long without seeing Gracie and we missed her so much.


Dr. Caty came to talk to us about Lily's contrast study. He said that 1st off her surgical sight is just perfect. What was determined on the study as a possible leak he is convinced is not a leak. He also said that he is not sure that it is another fistula either. If it is a fistula, it is a proximal fistula. It is very rare that children are born with both a proximal and distal fistulas. He said that next Wednesday he wants to perform a bronoscopy on Lily to determine if there is even an issue. He said that he will scope her and this time he will need to go higher than the surgical sight. If there is a fistula he will repair right then and there. The procedure should take about 1 hr. Dr. Caty also said that Lily can start feeding. She will be fed through her replogle on continuous feed getting 1cc an hour. This will be a very slow process to ensure that Lily's digestive system can handle the feeds. All are started this way. Kelly asked if Lily can be cleared to lay on her belly and he said sure. So Kelly immediately crossed out that Lily needs to remain supine on her bed. Then Dr. Caty asked me if I have ever held Lily. I told him for a couple hours before her surgery. He looked at me and said you can hold her now she is pretty healed from the 1st surgery. This is what I have longed to hear. I immediately became emotional with tears running down my face. I thanked him. He said she needs to be held. I thanked him again. He said that he would be in touch with Scott and I to discuss times for the bronc on Wednesday.
Kelly told us to go to dinner and to be back by 6:45pm and she would have Lily ready for Mommy to hold her. I called Scott to tell him what Dr. Caty had said. Papa C, Gramma C, Aunt Kathy and I went to dinner.


I could not get back to Lily's bed side fast enough. Once I got there Lily was ready for Mommy to hold her. Once Kelly put Lily in my arms I cried!!! It felt soooooooo good to hold her again. Lily just slept. I kept telling her how happy Mommy was. The radio was on and the song "I could not ask for more" by Edwin McCain played. This could not have been a more appropriate song for that specific moment. I cried as I sang the song to Lily. Gramma C was also very emotional over the song. Scott was picking me up at 8pm so I held Lily til 8pm then got her snuggled into her bed. I told her how happy I am to be her Mommy and that we would hold her all day tomorrow. She needed her rest since feeding was starting tomorrow.


  1. thanks for the update

    loved the video and the song was just perfect.

    love, hugs and kisses

    aunt teri

  2. Glad you were able to hold Lily and sing to her...she needs her mommy & daddy!! I remember how happy i was to hold Carla after she was 5 days old!! The nicu is an emotional roller coaster but you will have many joyful tears so hang in there...thanks for all the updates!! Love, Lynda & Bobby