Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12th, 2010


Scott and I arrived around 8:45am this morning. Lily was wide eyed and calm. Tanya (Lily's night nurse) hung a mobile for Lily to look at and changed her bedding with Lily's pink and green blanket. It's so cute. Jill (Lily's day nurse) said that she gave Lily her Verced around 8:15am. She said that Lily was calm when she came in this morning, but Lily started to become irritable and she didnt want Lily to become uncomfortable so she gave her the Verced. Papa C came to visit Lily today. She loved it. She missed her Papa. Lily would wake up and fuss a little and Papa would sing to her and soothe her and she would fall right back to sleep. I believe Lily already has Papa wrapped around her little finger. He was holding her little foot, keeping it warm and the minute he would move his hand she would stretch her leg out. She loves Papa's touch.


Our afternoon with Lily was awesome!!! She was awake for most of the afternoon and she was so calm looking around, trying to reach for her mobile. (Lily is an over-achiever) Mommy is so proud. We sang, tickeled and Daddy even arm wrestled Lily. Lily won every time. She is definitely Daddy's "BIG STRONG GIRL !!!" Lily would doze off into dreamland, and then wake up bright eyed. I just love looking into her big beautiful eyes.


What a stinker. Lily just didn't want to go to sleep. Tracy and I just stared at her and held her hand, told her jokes and little stories. We kept trying to get her to go to sleep because she has a big day tomorrow. She does so well with a pacifier. I love holding it to her mouth, my finger in the indentation and feeling her little jaws gnaw on my finger through the rubber. She's so darn cute!

Lily finally fell asleep just before shift change. There was a bit of stress because we had a new nurse that we never met before. It's hard leaving Lily with someone new after becoming so comfortable with some of the nurses here (they are almost like family now, they support us so well)...but we were able to tear ourselves away. But you better believe she is getting some phone calls when she least expects them!!!


  1. Tracy & Scott, I have cried reading all of Little Lily's ACCOMPLISHMENTS in few days here. You guys have one VERY STRONG little girl.
    I showed Quinn your blog & videos, she is doing a fundraiser for Children's hospital & wants to help Baby Lily.
    My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  2. Tracy Scott and Lily---- Your an amazing family and we are praying for you!!! Lily is absolutely beautiful and we can't wait for you to have Lily home. Lily is a very lucky girl. Know we are thinking of you

  3. Hi, I am so happy to hear Lily is recovering well from surgery, we are praying for all of you. Stay strong and before you know it she will be out of the NICU and keeping you up all night!! Call if you need anything. Love, Lynda & Bobby Hirner

  4. loved the videos thanks for posting and keeping me in the loop.
    only wish i could be there.
    she is such a beautiful baby and i could look at her face all day, her eyes are stunning.

    much love to you all.
    praying for her test today.

    love aunt teri

  5. Hi guys,just wanted you to know im standing by the phone waiting for updates!!Shes going to do great today,shes a strong girl,just like her cousin!,Luv you..............Ang