Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14th, 2010


Another day of waiting.

Yesterday we were told that Dr. Caty would review Lily's X-Rays and Fluoroscope today and he would meet with us to discuss a plan.

We arrived today at 8am just in case the doctor was in early. Lily was up and wide eyed. That's always a great way to start the day! Another great way to start was that her night nurse, Andrea, made another sign for Lily with her footprints and name on it. It's so cute!


Lily fell asleep. She looks so peaceful. She hasn't had any fentonol or Versed in over 24 hours. That's our strong girl!!!


Lily is still sleeping. She is out cold. It's nice though, since she needs her rest for another potential big day coming up. We are still waiting for Dr. Caty. Every time the door to Lily's room opens up, Tracy and I whirl in our chairs to see if it's the surgical team. No luck yet. We decide to go to lunch.


Lily is awake. She is starting to get really antsy. We give her the pacifier, but she doesn't want it once she realizes there's no milk coming out. She's starting to cry. Shaking her head back and I love her cry because believe it or not, she doesn't do it often...but it is heart breaking that she is so hungry and there's nothing that we can do. The nurse gives her a quick dose of Versed. It takes a little while, but Lily falls asleep. It's so easy to just sit and stare at her for the next hour.


Papa C. and Gramma C. are here with dinner (Thank you!!!). Lily is still sleeping. Dr. Caty still hasn't come in.

Time to eat.


Dinner was delicious !!!! We had BBQ ribs and potato salad. YUM!!!! Thanks Again Angie, Mom & Dad. We went back into the Lily's bed still waiting to talk to Dr. Caty. Lily was sleeping so peacefully. I again could sit and watch her all day. Her night nurse was Lauren and she was very nice. She had to take another patient on a "road trip" so Scott and I hung out with Lily until Lauren got back. Dr Caty did not come in to talk to us, his surgery must have took longer than expected. We left at 9:30pm.

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