Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 16th, 2010


Scott and I decided to go up to visit Lily around noon, so we could spend a little extra time with Gracie. Papa and Gramma C went to visit Lily at 10:00am. Gramma said that it was great to sing to her and read her stories. Papa said prayers with Lily. They both said that they had a great morning with our beautiful baby girl, she was awake looking around at both of them.


Scott and I arrived. Dr Glick (pediatric surgeon) was at Lily's bedside when I walked in. I introduced myself to him and he said that they are going to start feeding Lily today. He wrote the orders. He also said that he was here all weekend if I had any questions feel free to just ask.
Lynn told me that during rounds earlier, Dr Satyan DC'd (discontinued) all Lily's antibiotics. No infection, white blood cell count decreased, nothing going in cultures. So this is great news!!!
Lynn asked if I wanted to hold Lily. Papa and Gramma also were asked, but we wanted to wait for Scott to hold her next. He wanted to so bad. Selfishly, when I was asked, I wanted to say yes, but it was Scott's turn. So Lily was put into her Daddy's arms and quickly snuggled in and was so calm and looking around. She definitely LOVES to be held. We don't mind either. Scott held Lily for about 1 hour. Lynn asked who was next. They were gonna start feeding Lily at 2pm.


So Papa finally got to hold Lily. He couldn't wait any longer. It was so nice to see him with his "pecan pie". Papa has named all his grandchildren after his favorite pies. Ayden - apple pie, Ava - pumpkin pie, Gracie - chocolate pie and now Lily is pecan pie. So cute !!! Lily fell asleep in Papa's arms. We say that Papa turns on his furnace gets the babies so warm and cozy that they fall asleep.
Then Gramma had her turn. Gramma sang her famous "Gramma loves Lily song, Farmer in the Dell, Row, Row Row your boat, and Lily just laid there in her arms calm looking around loving every minute of her time with Gramma. By this time Lily had 3cc's of formula. Lynn said that after 6pm she will check to see what Lily has in her belly by measuring her aspirates.


Papa and Gramma bought Scott and I dinner from Casa Di Pizza, We had pizza and an antipasto and it was delicious. Thanks Again!!! Daddy created a video with pictures of Lily to the song "I could not ask for more" It is amazing. That song could not be more perfect.
Lynn checked Lily and she had received 4cc's of formula by this time and only had 2 cc's in her belly. So that means that 2 cc's are starting to be digested. That is great news!!!
Gramma and I went back to Lily's bedside after dinner and it was Mommy's turn to hold Lily. YAY!!!!
Surprisingly Lily was still awake and I was so excited to hold her. I said that Lily was waiting patiently for Mommy. Lynn gave her to me and again I got teary eyed. I LOVE holding Lily. I could do it all day long. I love looking into her big eyes and sit there wondering what she is actually thinking. Hoping that she loves me holding her as much as I do. Lynn said that I cant spoil her, and I said but its just so easy to do. So Gramma, Lily and I hung out for a awhile. It was great! I held her for a couple hours and by this time Gramma and Papa were leaving. Daddy's turn to hold Lily so Lynn helped us. Lily started to doze off. It is so great to watch Scott with Lily. I love it!!! He is such a GREAT Daddy!!!!
Tanya, Lily's night nurse came in. We like her too !!! But as I said before we have been so fortunate to have all really great nurses. We had Tanya help put Lily back into her bed so she could settle and go to sleep. Once Lily laid in her bed swaddled, (we call it a Lily taco) she went right to sleep. Our little peanut, is just so beautiful. Scott and I left so she could get a good nights sleep. I told Tanya I'd talk to her before I went to bed and we left around 8pm.


  1. i just love the stories

    and i love all of you

  2. Its great to hear things are improving. Thanks for the updates & pics. Papa C., you are getting younger every time I see you. Love you all.