Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7, 2010 -- The Joys of Normalcy

The first day and a half home with Lily was wonderful, as expected. She was such a sweetheart, barely making a peep, looking around the house, sleeping like a champ! Today, however, reality set in....hahaha....

In the morning, Tracy smelled something coming from the baby. Believe me when I say, it wasn't pretty!! Lily ruined her first onesie...Only it was WAY bizarre! The explosion of nastyness was all up the front of Lily, not in the back. We were taking pictures just beforehand, and I think this is one of them...You can tell she was plotting.

Lucky for all of the readers of this blog, we didn't take pictures of the aftermath. We were too busy trying to save the furniture and prevent Lily from rubbing her hands on her chest. It was pretty comical, really. Needless to say, Lily was given an immediate bath, and she DOES NOT like those one bit! She hates being wet and screamed her head off the entire time. It was awesome!! Really!!

Here are some more pictures from the last couple days:

The Beautiful Sisters!

Nice to See You Again, Cousin Sarah!

Nice To Meet You, Cousin Ayden!!! (Couldn't fix Lily's red-eye -- Great picture, anyways!)

Nice To Meet You Too, Cousin Ava!!!! (Finally!)

Good Times In The Swing -- Loving the mirror on the mobile!

Oh Yeah, Somethin' is Definitely Brewin'!!

Lily In The Boppy Chair (This must have been just after the explosion. She definitely realizes something ain't right)

More signs of normalcy:

Lily was super cranky today. It started when my parents came to visit (although I am sure it wasn't their fault!! haha). We could tell that Lily was uncomfortable with a tummy ache. She kept trying to sleep and then would wake up and cry some more. After my parents left, it was more of the same. We have been so spoiled so far that we were surprised that Lily could even get so loud!!

After thinking about it, we decided that it must be from the formula. At the hospital, Lily was given concentrated Enfamil Premium Lipil formula (Enfamil is a registered trademark of blah blah blah). We asked our pediatrician if we should stick with this or would he recommend something else? He said to stick with it or one of the generic comparable brands (Wegmans, Wal-Mart, but NOT CVS). So I went out and bought Wegman's brand. However, the label said it was comparable to "Enfamil Lipil" but didn't say anything about "Premium."

Well, it is very possible that this is the reason for Lily's belly ache. Luckily, Wegman's is very good about returns and I was able to return the unused portion for a credit. I came home with the Enfamil Premium Lipil and we will see if it helps her belly for later today. If not, it may be a LONG night. But bring it on!! It will make up for all the nights we lay awake in bed wondering how she was doing in the hospital. She can wake us up as much as she wants!!!


  1. HaHAHA,that soo funny! & Scott you might regret saying she can wake u up as much as she wants in a few more weeks!Mabye she was just trying to be like her cousin Ava!The pics are great,cant wait to see her again!

  2. not sure why not CVS . . . Dr. just said he wouldn't recommend it.